Rescue, Lost and Found

24 hour Rescue

The Owl Experience offers a 24-hour raptor rescue within the Staffordshire area.

If you see or hear of any birds stranded or injured please do not hesitate to contact us on

07980 977717 / 24hrs.

Please do not try to catch or feed the bird as this can cause undue stress on the bird and may even cause further damage.

Please remember birds of prey do not eat nuts, bread or cooked meats This could cause fatal consequences.

Day 6 owlets

Broken wing recovery

We spent nearly 2 hours getting maggots out of this little fellas cheek and beak. What a mess.

Lost and Found

If you have lost your bird then we will do our best to help find and reunite the lost bird with its owner. Please let us know details of your bird such as ring no, species etc.