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The Staffordshire Owl Experience and Rescue Centre

The Red Lion Farm Haughton Stafford 07980977717

24 hour Rescue

The Owl Experience offers a 24 hour raptor rescue within the Staffordshire area.

If you see or hear of any birds stranded or injured please do not hesitate to contact us on

07980 977717 24hrs.

Please do not try to catch or feed the bird as this can cause undue stress on the bird and may even cause further damage.

Please remember birds of prey do not eat nuts, bread or cooked meats This could cause fatal consequences.

15th August 2012. Our latest casualty is a tawny owl that was found on the m6 by a friend, the owl has sufferd a massive blow to the left side of her face. Unfortunatly the owl will have to have his left eye removed or the infetion will spread and may kill the owl. The surgeon will carry out the op on the 18th August 2012. We will keep you all informed of the day to day progress of the owl.         Before


 Sept 2012.Unfortunately this barn owl was found in Uttoxeter with a broken wing. He has visited the vets and in time the wing will heal. As soon as he is able to be released we will take him back to the location where he was found


The wing has mended well so we will wait for better 

weather then we will release him back to the wild. This will ensure he will be able to hunt free and find food easily.

This lucky barn owl has now been released back to the wild, We released him at Elan Lodge Equestrian centre Derby. Where he was found. We left him some food to last him a week so this should help the little fella along. Good luck mate

Last week we were filmed by the Express and Star Newspaper, Please find the video link below and kindly leave messages on the blog page

Lost and Found

If you have lost your bird then we will do our best to help find and reunite the lost bird with its owner. Please let us know details of your bird such as ring no,species etc.

Lost Barn Owl on16/06/13 near Twycross Leicestershire, £50 reward if found. Ring number 0326

Goshawk lost within the Rugeley area of Staffordshire. Please let us know if you see or hear anything. 200.00 Reward for the safe return.