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The Staffordshire Owl Experience and Rescue Centre

The Red Lion Farm Haughton Stafford 07980977717

The rescue centre relies totally on donations from the general public. All donations go directly back to the sanctuary, this helps with vets bills and maintenance. This is so we can provide and maintain a healthy environment for our residents until returned back to the wild. Last year with public help we managed to release 21 Barn Owls, 16 tawny Owls, and 7 Kestrels back into the wild. These birds face increasing pressure from the destruction of natural habitats, and the use of pesticides and chemicals.

Thank you so much for your support

Please, if you would like to donate to the sanctuary the please do so below. Thank you in advance.

10.00 will feed a barn owl or Kestrel for 1 Month
20.00 will feed and house a barn owl or Kestrel for 1 Month
40.00 will feed and house a barn owl or Kestrel for 2 months
50.00 will allow us to maintain a rehabilitation enclosure for one month allowing us to attempt to release an owl back into the wild
250.00 will provide a suitable enclosure for rehabilitation and housing for an injured owl

Whatever you can spare will always be gratefully received as the sanctuary depends on the generous donations of animal lovers across the nnatin